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These are the trends that caught our eyes at the fashion shows of Spring/Summer 2017 where the most famous makeup artists, hair stylists, models and designers create the undertones of the next season.

  • 8.June.2017

These are the trends that caught our eyes at the fashion shows of Spring/Summer 2017 where the most famous makeup artists, hair stylists, models and designers create the undertones of the next season.

The New Scene
Prepare to say farewell to matte skin in the coming season. Dubbed as the ‘soft feminine’ at fashion show backstages, this new look combines nude makeup with shades of pink and a very moist, wetlooking skin. Add a few drops of shiny pigments or illuminating oil into your moisturizer in order to properly apply this style in which skin care becomes as much important as the makeup itself. The eyebrows are very dominant as we saw at the Del Pozo show where the makeup was accompanied by Spring flowers.

This look further underlines geometric details of the past few seasons. Make sure to get an even look on both sides while playing games on the eyelids and eyebrows with a fine tipped brush or an eyeliner. We recommend gel eyeliners for sharper lines. Lining the lower inner rim with white eye pencil will brighten and slightly enlarge your eyes. Skin makeup must be as minimal as possible, so try a quality primer to create a very fine base.

Although very familiar to us in our everyday lives, this look was welcomed as an exciting novelty at the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan. Combined with white tuxedo jackets and hair combed to one side, 3.1 Philip Lim’s kohl rimmed eyes create a very modern and striking look rather than oriental. Black eyeliner and eye pencil circle around and in the eye. The look gets younger without powder or blush while lips surrender to soft shades like dusty rose and pale pink.

Altuzarra’s choice of a sophisticated and feminine look translates into a velvety skin and smoky eyes. The skin glows healthily thanks to makeup artist Tom Pechaux’s use of glitter cream over the face and the neck. The makeup focuses on the eyes. Choose an eye pencil slightly lighter than black, such as anthracite or grey to circle your eyes and blur with soft brush strokes. This smoky look is the star of the show. Orange eye shadow brightens up your looks. We see the same color on the temples. Lips are entrusted to rose pink.

Making a comeback after the 90s, glitter continues to be the most enjoyable and fun material of makeup games. This time we see glitter on the lips, turning minimalist makeup upside down in a modern way. It softens the Gothic burgundy and creates an alluring naivety. You can top your favorite lipstick with glitter pigments to create the bold lips at the DKNY show that were combined with a flawless skin, eyes without makeup and colorful nail polishes. Sadly, this is one of those trends that is very hard to use and maintain.

Set aside red for a while and try the darker and deeper burgundy. Although a Winter color, stylish burgundy lightens up for the Spring. Combined with a nostalgic hairstyle reminiscent of the 60s and Amy Winehouse look, burgundy gets a new flair by applying the color evenly over the face. Shades of burgundy and reddish browns on the eyelids and the lips are topped with translucent gloss which teams up with a highlighter to add shine to the inner corners of the eyes. Cheekbones are only slightly accentuated with powder.

Alexander Wang brings to the city the careless and relaxed summery attitude of surfers, a look he sees as a cultural code. Leaving the complexion as natural as possible with no intention of hiding imperfections, the sun-kissed skin is just slightly tinted, while the lips look very natural with matte nude lip liner or lipstick pen. The lips are accentuated with a shade lighter than the natural skin tone which can also be achieved by a touch of concealer. Focusing more on skin care, this style needs a well hydrated, moist skin.

Victoria Beckham prefers an exaggerated look in her last fashion show although she says she carries only a lip balm and a lip liner in her purse. Sharply applied indigo blue or petrol green over the eyelids steals all the attention. Apply the color from the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the outer tip of your eyebrow since this exaggerated look defines the makeup. The skin is light and fresh enough for Spring with illuminating tinted moisturizer, while a peachy blusher creates a healthy bloom on the cheeks.

Creating an almost metal texture over the eyelids with wet, shiny and paint-like gold and silver, this is not a makeup style for everyone. A flawless semi-matte skin is the right base while combed natural eyebrows balance between a natural and an exaggerated look. The eyelashes have no intention of hosting a mascara. Applying a bronzer or a blusher in peach tones from just beneath the cheekbones all the way up to the temples adds dimension to the face. Lips in creamy nude tones merge into the skin.

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