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Why do you think our eyebrows are so important?


  • 8.June.2017


Why do you think our eyebrows are so important?

Let’s begin with your area of focus: eyebrows. Why do you think our eyebrows are so important? 
When we first look at a person’s face, it’s their expression we notice, which is shaped by their eyebrows. If people believe in what they see, then I think a good first impression is important. I take careful care when it comes to eyebrow shaping because it involves their facial expressions, mimics and mood. Till this day, when it comes to eyebrows, it’s always been limited to procedures like ‘plucking the excess’ or ‘eyebrow cleaning’ but actually they should be designed carefully in order to enframe our features. 

You identify yourself as the expression master. What kind of a process does one of your first time customers go through? 
First, I try to get a feel for their style, energy and try to see if they are expressive type of person. Do they have soft of intense expressions? Are the eyebrows too thick? Or maybe too straight? Sometimes I sit and chat with my customers just to understand their mimics and see what kind of a person they are. After a couple of meetings I can start shaping their eyebrows. It’s important to know what they need, we do eyebrow nourishments, clean up or reshape permanent contours and fix the symmetry as well. No matter what procedure, I always remind my customers: Beauty takes patience; a one-time appointment isn’t enough. 

How do you fix eyebrows, which have been handled by the wrong people? 
If you don’t have “Alopecia areata totalis”, you need to worry because hair loss on the face, eyebrows, scalp and eyelashes usually appears in Guatr patients and also when thyroid glands work too hard or too slow you may be facing the same problem. However, most of the time the cases I come across are a result of eyebrow tweezing gone wrong. It’s too difficult to fix the shape of eyebrows when hair follicles around them have become too thin. In this case, we apply nourishing treatments to those areas to strengthen and support eyebrows. After a few weeks of treatments, we let the eyebrow get into its own shape. This is one of the most important details during treatments. 

What has been the most difficult case you’ve encountered yet? How did you fix it? 
The most difficult cases are usually the ones who have had permanent makeup done. No matter how hard I try to remove it, traces on the skin still remain. Therefore, unless they really must I don’t recommend it. I always choose natural methods. One must really think it over before deciding to undergo permanent makeup. I mean it is called “permanent makeup” for a reason. 

Which cosmetics can you not live without? 
Actually, I don’t need much. I can do a lot with just my tweezers, thread, straight razor, scissorsors, brow brush and eyebrow pencil. The treatments I prepare aren’t included of course. 

You’ve pointed out that you prefer fixing eyebrows the natural way and to be very careful with permanent eyebrow contour. What is the most important factor that we should be aware of? 
The only time I will ever recommend permanent makeup to a customer is when we’ve tried absolutely everything the natural way, after a year of treatment. It’s critical to find the right shape and avoid extreme expressions. Using healthy dyes is another important detail here. It must match the natural eyebrow, hair color and of course the natural skin tone. The last thing we need is for the eyebrows to look fake and artificial so these are crucial factors to consider. 

No matter how experienced you are with eyebrows, we know that you are also a makeup expert. Which look is your favorite? 
Make up should be a tool that brings out our best features and hides some of our imperfections. If you ask me, the first aim should be to get a vibrant and well-kept look, so once again I prefer using natural tones. It’s important to remember that beauty is a combination of being healthy and making sure you keep at your skin treatments. Women who take care of their skin, eat healthy and work out don’t actually need to do a lot. When I apply make up my goal is for my customers to get a response like ‘you look so good’ not a question like ‘what mascara do you use?’ I always find a strong and modern smokey eye, a great choice for the night time. 

Do you shape your own eyebrows? 
Yes, I pluck my own eyebrows. Sometimes I ask for my assistants help, but for some reason they’re always a little apprehensive and always anxious. 

You recently opened your own studio, how did you come to this decision?
Opening my own studio was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That voice inside me never stopped and I decided to take that next step and took this path. I think my biggest success is that I love and enjoy doing my job. Most people prefer working with me because I get the right expression for them. The feedback I’ve gotten since day one has really motivated me and given me confidence. When movie and stage actors started asking me to change their facial expressions according to their roles, I said, ‘excuse-me, it’s time for me to open my own studio.’ 

This was going to be our next question. You work with several artists and enable them to embody their characters through their expressions. How do eyebrows add to the artist’s performance? 
An actor gets into character through costume and visual aspects. Since they express themselves through eyebrows, sometimes we have to shape them accordingly. For example, eyebrows faced down signify a person who takes relationships seriously. Raised eyebrows showcase ambitious and sensitive people. People who have long eyebrows have strong and conflicting characteristics. Thin eyebrows mean they easily give up and are easy to get along with. Unibrows mean adventurous, straight brows represent optimism. These may sound a bit ridiculous but if you take a look at some of the characters on TV shows and movies you’ll actually notice these shapes and characteristics. 

Do you have any plans in terms of the future? 
I work in a field I love and put my talent out there. My goal is to expand in this area. I really want to start my own academy and bring together other successful women who hold these entrepreneurial personalities. I want to be involved in the next steps with this industry. Teaching and learning always makes me happy. 

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Why do you think our eyebrows are so important?